Switchable Privacy for Automotive


Over the years the internet has already gained an increasing influence in the automotive industry. By 2020, 3 in 4 cars will be equipped with an internet connection and the car of the future will be a connected car. This opens new business models in the automotive industry packaging multiple connected services-including entertainment services for passengers and co-drivers.

However, by regulation, in various regions worldwide, the driver must not be distracted from driving by entertainment contents on the dashboard display(s).

Here siOPTICA offers an ultimate solution for the automotive industry. With sioSHIELD, it is possible to switch between privacy and public mode.

Navigation and other car relevant information will be displayed in public mode, visible to driver and passenger. If entertainment is displayed, the privacy mode will allow only the passenger(s) to view contents.

The privacy visible spot of the siOPTICA solution can be tilted according to automotive design needs.


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