siOPTICA has been selected as a Digital Innovation leader by the well-known F.A.Z. institute 2020


Jena, 13th January – siOPTICA, a leading provider for switchable privacy technology solutions proudly announces that it has been selected as Digital Innovation Leader in Germany 2020 by the highly renowned F.A.Z. Institute.

The awarding of this title to siOPTICA in two categories is based on the evaluation of Intellectual Property publications and their impact on the industry, by independent evaluation of IP data of 150,000+ corporations and institutes in Germany.

Particularly, in the field of audio-visual technology (sub-category of Information communication devices), siOPTICA is ranked #13 in Germany in innovativeness and #25 in impact on other companies, amongst other large corporations and research networks.

Furthermore, in the field of optics (sub-category of Information communication devices), the company is ranked #49 in Germany for innovativeness and #60 in impact on other companies.

“For a start up like siOPTICA, this ranking award is an incredible proof of its innovativeness and industrial relevance”, underlines Dr. Markus Klippstein, CEO siOPTICA.

In line with the ranking award, siOPTICA has just filed its 150th intellectual property right, which actually equals the 53rd German domestic patent application of the company. Out of the latter, 15 German patents have been granted already by the German Patent and Trademark Office.

The current siOPTICA IP portfolio comprises 61 granted patents in various countries, such as Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan and diverse European countries, and is also including a total of presently 8 granted U.S. patents.

Main focus of this strong IP portfolio are switchable privacy technologies, such as for instance the sioSHIELD™ technology. The siOPTICA switchable privacy solutions are mainly used in automotive passengers displays, laptops, tablets and mobile phones and offer top notch privacy performance, thus bringing up great client benefits.