Radiant Opto-Electronics Corp. invests seven-figure amount USD into siOPTICA

02/19/2024    Radiant Opto-Electronics Corp. invests seven-figure amount USD into siOPTICA

Kaoshiung/Jena, February 19th 2024

Radiant Opto-Electronics (ROE) and siOPTICA have entered into an agreement to invest seven-figure amount USD into siOPTICA. Thus, ROE has become a minority shareholder in siOPTICA. The strategic alliance between the two companies are geared towards bringing up world-leading optical solutions, particularly based on siOPTICA’s switchable privacy technologies with many applications in automotive passengers displays and consumer devices.
Along with the investment, two operational contracts have been signed by the two companies that gear towards close cooperation for product development and related activities.
The new investment shall be mainly used for future RnD efforts and industrialisation of siOPTICA’s technology.
“We are looking forward to a long time cooperation with siOPTICA in order to jointly bring switchable privacy technology to the market successfully,” underlined Justin Wang, President of ROE.
“siOPTICA is thrilled to team up with Radiant who is a champion in the optical industry. This strong alliance will help our company to grow on an industrial scale.” Stated Dr Markus Klippstein, CEO and Co-founder of siOPTICA.

About siOPTICA:
siOPTICA GmbH was founded in 2013 in Jena/Germany with the goal to establish innovative and special solutions in the market, primarily in the field of optics. The company offers technologies in the field of privacy-on-demand for digital displays that can screen data from unauthorized views as needed, whereas contents may be shared in a public mode at the user’s discretion. siOPTICA’s solutions offer great advantages in the fields of automotive, retail/ payment terminals, logistics/secure access, data security as well as consumer electronics.
siOPTICA is a member of SID, VDA (German Automotive Association) and DFF (German flat panel Association) as well as in the photonics network “Optonet e.V.“.
More information about siOPTICA can be found under http://www.sioptica.com

About ROE
Founded in 1995, Radiant Opto-Electronics is the largest backlight unit assembly company in the world with key strategic capabilities of optical & structure design and 100% in-house mold design & fabrication. In the past decades, ROE has been the strategic partner for its customers because of the worldwide manufacturing capability and strong customer support.
More information about ROE can be found at https://www.radiant.com.tw/xhtml/en/index.jsf.

Press contacts:
IR of ROE: Elaine Teng, Elaine.Teng@radiant.com.tw, Tel.: +886 7 8216151 #1361
Sales of ROE: Sophie Yeh, Sophie.Yeh@radiant.com.tw, Tel.: +886 7 8216151 #1132
Press contacts of siOPTICA: M.A. Manuela Fischer, manuela.fischer@sioptica.com, Tel.: +49 172 7986044