New switchable Privacy Technology for OLED by siOPTICA™


siOPTICA™ has successfully built and tested demonstrator units for its upcoming siCURE™ technology.

This 4th generation of siOPTICA™ switchable privacy technology consists of a view control element that is added as “on panel” component. This allows to switch virtually any type of display panel, encompassing OLED panels and LCD panels, including local dimming embodiments for high dynamic contrast ratio display, between a public and a privacy mode.

This brand-new technology offers outstanding features, such as

  • The view control element can be fully laminated onto display panels
  • High temperature range designated for consumer and automotive applications
  • Subject to embodiment, partial and configurable privacy windows can be used

Applications of the siCURE™ technology are in the fields of consumer devices such as notebook, smart phone & tablet PCs as well as in automotive displays – even for pillar-to-pillar applications.

Various patents on the new technology are pending or have been granted already.

siOPTICA™ is working with selected partners to industrialize the solution.