siOPTICA obtains 100th granted patent


siOPTICA, a global leader in privacy on demand technology for displays, was recently awarded its 100th granted patent.

From around 200 patent applications filed in various countries, siOPTICA so far has obtained 100 grants in total in European countries, Japan, the US, China, Korea, Taiwan and other countries. In Germany, siOPTICA has received more than 30 patent grants.

The 100th grant equals the 11th US granted patent of siOPTICA and pertains to a “Method and arrangement to verify the operation mode of a screen”, allowing a fast and secure way to check whether a privacy mode of a display is functioning correctly or not, without the need of a camera or the like.

Dr. Markus Klippstein, CEO and co-founder of siOPTICA, says “Our comprehensive IP portfolio forms a solid basis for current and future licensing discussions as well as for the protection of our unique products. siOPTICA is proud to make significant contributions to the display industry which is being recognized by major OEM and tier companies in our main markets, namely consumer electronics and automotive.”