siOPTICA listed as Innovation Leader Germany 2021


siOPTICA listed as Innovation Leader Germany 2021

Company again awarded by well-known F.A.Z. institute

Jena, 14. June – siOPTICA, a leading provider for switchable privacy technology solutions for the 2nd time has been selected by the highly renowned F.A.Z. Institute.

Just last year, the company has been listed in the ranks of Digital Innovation Leader of Germany, this year`s listing was in the category Innovation Leader Germany.

The awarding of this title to siOPTICA in two categories is based on the evaluation of the Intellectual Property publications of 170,000 Germany based corporations and institutions, and their impact on the industry.

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In one of the two awarded categories which relates to certain optical methods arrangements, siOPTICA was ranked number 14 in regard to innovative power and number 22 with regard to influence on the industry.

“For a small company like siOPTICA, it is considered an honour to be listed among large global companies and well-known Research institutes”, underlines Dr. Markus Klippstein, CEO siOPTICA. It proves the innovative spirit

of our company and our strong, creative team.

As of today, siOPTICA has filed more than 160 patents, 76 of which have been granted in various European and Asian countries as well as in the US. Alone in Germany, siOPTICA owns more than 20 granted patents.

Main focus of this strong IP portfolio are switchable privacy technologies, also considering future technological steps such as components that can switch OLED panels between a privacy and a public mode .

The siOPTICA switchable privacy solutions are mainly used in automotive passengers displays, laptops, tablets and mobile phones and offer top notch privacy performance, thus bringing up great client benefits.

About siOPTICA:

siOPTICA GmbH was founded in 2013 in Jena, Germany with the goal to establish innovative and special solutions in the market, primarily in the field of optics. The company offers technologies in the field of privacy filters that

can screen data from unauthorized views, whereas the company’s products do not suffer from the state-of-the-art brightness loss and furthermore they offer different modes of operation. siOPTICA solutions offer great advantages in the fields of automotive, laptop, and retail payment terminals .

siOPTICA is a member of SID (Society of Information Display) and DFF (German flat panel Association) as well as in the photonics network “Optonet e.V.“

The company is ISO 9001 certiefied.

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Contact: M.A. Manuela Fischer, mailto: , Tel.: +49 (172) 7986044