siOPTICA closes financing round of nearly 2 million EUR


siOPTICA closes financing round of nearly 2 million EUR

Jena, December 16th 2020- siOPTICA, a leading supplier for switchable privacy filter technology with many applications in automotive passengers displays, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, and payment terminals secured a new financing

round of close to 2 million euros from its current investors.

Switchable privacy screens protect displayed information from neighbouring views without the need to carry and apply an extra privacy foil. The screen privacy modus can be switched on or off by a single key stroke.

Based on the unrivalled performance of siOPTICA’s privacy technology, a growing application field and increased customer interest, the current investors decided to increase their investment in the company.

The investors include the lead investor bm|t (beteiligungsmanagement thüringen gmbh), Antwerp-based and technology-focused  Capital-E as well as well-known business angels, such as for example Revotech GmbH & Co. KG.

The new investment will mainly be used to drive further industrialisation and high-volume manufacturing of the existing products.  siOPTICA will strengthen its product offering for the laptop and tablet computing business.

The company will also use the new funds to further strengthen its marketing and sales activities. Last but not least, new privacy technologies will be researched and developed allowing integration with new and upcoming display technologies.

“We strongly believe in siOPTICA’s privacy filters and the team’s capability to bring this technology to the market successfully,” underlined Kevin Reeder, CEO of bm|t.

“The siOPTICA technology is the best performing privacy screen technology currently offered on the market as proven by growing customer interest for a wide range of applications,” stated Dr Lou Hermans, Investment Partner at Capital-E Partners.

About siOPTICA:

siOPTICA GmbH was founded in 2013 in Jena/Germany with the goal to establish innovative and special solutions in the market, primarily in the field of optics. The company offers technologies in the field of privacy filters that can screen data from

unauthorized views, whereas the company’s products do not suffer from the state-of-the-art brightness loss and furthermore they offer different modes of operation. siOPTICA’s solutions offer great advantages in the fields of automotive,

retail/ payment terminals, logistics/secure access, data security as well as consumer electronics.

siOPTICA is a member of SID and DFF (German flat panel Association) as well as in the photonics network “Optonet e.V.“.

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About bm|t

Erfurt-based bm|t is a subsidiary of the Thüringer Aufbaubank and the leading address for equity investments in Thüringen, Germany. bm|t currently manages ten funds with a total volume of around EUR 440 million, which invest in innovative

companies across almost all sectors and in all phases of company development.

Further information about bm|t is available at:

About Capital-E

Capital-E focusses on early-stage investments in the area of micro/nano-electronics and new materials. Typically, the fund invests in companies in the prototyping phase or realising a turnover of 1 M€. Capital-E invests mainly in Western Europe.

The team of Capital-E plays an active role as partner and often as board member from the moment of first investment until the exit.

More information about Capital-E can be found at

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