siOPTICA develops and sells ground breaking display solutions for visual privacy on demand. The company offers its customers in the banking, payment, automotive and consumer electronics industry technology licenses, key components or displays with integrated switchable privacy.

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08/08/2023 siOPTICA ranks number 6 in Thuringia on registering patents

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It is amazing how new technologies improve our day to day live. With its sioSHIELD technology, siOPTICA will contribute to make our life’s better and safer by bringing the best technology to market that helps to prevent visual hacking and shoulder surfing.

Our switchable privacy solution can be integrated into any LCD screen serving a variety of markets.

The company has been founded in the year 2013 in Jena, a vivid town in Thuringia which is famous for its optical industries. With its 2 universities in town and more nearby it offers a good ground for start ups in order to attract the best talents.

Our Investors

Advisor to the Board

Dr. Heinrich Hiesinger 

was a member of the Board of Management of Siemens AG, as well CEO of the Industry Sector and was responsible for the central department Corporate Information Technology. From 2011 to 2018 he was CEO of the material and technology company ThyssenKrupp AG. He is currently a member of the supervisory boards of BMW AG and Deutsche Post DHL Group.


German Association of Automitive Industry
Global Network for Display Professionals

Photonics Network Thuringia


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siOPTICA has been selected has an Digital Innovation Leader of Germany for three years in a row by well known F.A.Z. Institute

2020 – 2022


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10 years siOPTICA

On the 4th of July, siOPTICA was having its 10-year anniversary. A good reason for the siOPTICA team and its investors to celebrate. After a trip and a trolley ride …

Come and see us at SID

05/02/2023 Come and see siOPTICA’s first switchable Privacy OLED panel – Meet us May 23rd till May 25th at the SID German Pavilion booth no 1001. siOPTICA shows off its first switchable …